"Hey there, Im Y.E , 28 years old from Israel


I went to see Malkah 3 Months after my spiritual awakening. I was at a point in my life that nothing in my life prior to the awakening was making sense anymore and I felt guided to begin to build my new life.


I remember I felt guided to do a QHHT session after seeing some youtube videos about it.


I got in contact with Malkah and filled out the form you get before the session. My main interest was asking some questions about my life, my future, relationships and finding my life’s purpose. I wasn’t that interested in the physical body healing but filled out all of my symptoms anyway.


I got to the session and met Malkah. I Immediately felt a strong positive vibration coming off of her. She interviewed me about my life and asked me about the questions I wrote down and the physical symptoms as well.


We started the session and I felt a little bit nervous. The whole idea felt really strange to me but in some way felt very natural and right for me. 


Malkah led me by asking me to imagine some things and describe it to her. She was very comforting and reassuring and I felt a geniune vibe that she’s trying to help and was very attentive to me. I felt totally comfortable talking to her and describing everything that was going through my mind.


After about 15 minutes I entered the Theta state. It was surprisingly So natural to be in that state and I was completely immersed in it. I felt like it was really easy for me to tap into that state. I then started describing everything I was seeing and feeling and it felt like a wonderful dream. I had no care in the world and wad completely relaxed.


The things I saw and experienced were like nothing Ive ever witnessed before. My mind was taking me to see different scenes, images and feelings that were important for me to see. Malkah was very patient and interested and Allowing for me to express all that out. It felt totally natural.


I learned profound lessons about my life, different people’s role in my life and ALOT of instructions of what I should do next. Im talking ALOT of specific instructions from my higher self on what I should do. 


Also, my guides came through and introduced themselves and gave me directions as well.


As far as healing goes, my guides healed all the parts of my body I adressed in the form and gave me instructions of what to do next as far as healing them:


My throat that felt closed off was healed through energy and I was instructed to begin Speaking my truth - which I am now doing daily. I no longer feel my throat is closed off as before.


I’ve broken my right foot 8 months before my session and the doctors said I have a permenant fracture in my bones that could get worse. After recovering from that injury I still had minor pains in my foot. In the session my guides helped me heal my foot and told me I broke it because I wasnt grounded in my energy. Which I already knew in some way. A couple of weeks after the session I went to the doctor for a follow up appointment for my foot and the doctor said to “Get away from the hospital” because they thought I might need surgery and he thinks it’s not required. Nowdays I never think of my foot as fractured , even though technically it might be.


As miraculous as that is the biggest healing was of my HEART. I reported to Malkah that I felt my chest was closed off. That I couldnt feel it as much as other parts of my body. During the session my guides and my higher self brought to our attention why that was. I was still angry at alot of people and wasnt aware of it. I was mad at my mom (who died when I was 3) I was mad at my dad, my step mom and also one of my best friends. In the session I forgave all of those people and completely healed my heart. From then on my vibration rose up to a completely new level. I find it easier to connect to everybody now and I feel happier then Ive ever felt. I have episodes of unconditional love pouring out through me and it is the most amazing and peacful feeling in the universe.


As far as questions go I got exact answers to all of the questions I asked. I listened to the recording after the session and made a list of about 30 action items to implement in my life. They are exact specific instructions on what I ought to do and intuitively they feel right. 


I started tackling the list and prioritized it to start with the most important things. The most important thing to me was my purpose.  My guides told me It isnt one thing and that it will unravel throught my life. But I need to start taking action in the direction of my purpose for it to do so. I started making daily youtube videos - which is my purpose now - sharing my knowledge, wisdom and perspective. I find this process to be so effortless fun and immensly rewarding. I’ve never felt so satisfied in my life. I now know what it means to be completely on your purpose in life. And the feeling is underscribable. It really is amazing. I just feel 100% happy and content with what I am doing.


Finding my purpose was the biggest for me. Healing my heart was also profoundly important and interwoven with finding my purpose. I learned so many profound lessons about my life, life in general and now have an unshaken belief in the collective consciousness. I witnessed it first hand and it feels so natural and true.


I also got so many specific instructions on things I should implement in my life. And these instructions feel exciting as heck.


Another bonus is I feel my intuition is alot stronger then before and my relationship with my guides is formed where I can almost always feel them with me and hear their guidance.


Malkah was a perfect facilitator as far as oppeness, patience, encouragement and attunment to my needs. I entered the trance state very quickly and was able to transmute all the information I needed. She also helped by asking all of my questions and making sure to investiagte everything I said so that I could later understand it fully on tape.


If you’re feeling guided to explore a QHHT session I highly urge you to do it. It will undoubtedly be the most profound experience of your life. This life lol.


Much love, Y.E."

Yoni, Israel



"I had a QHHT session with Malka 2 weeks ago, and I am still in the process of digesting the huge amount of insights, information, visions and inspiration that appear on the recording of my session. 

This was a unique experience of meeting myself on so many levels, physical, emotional, spiritual… a very intensive one, full with wisdom that came from my own subconscious, with the highly professional, accurate and compassionate guidance and facilitation of Malka.
I highly recommend undergoing a QHHT session with her  for anyone seeking to discover the real roots of disease and emotional issues , and to receive answers to all the deep spiritual questions.

By the way, I was astonished to discover the day after my session that my drooping eyelids are looking much better, to the point that I am no longer considering having an operation.  
With many thanks"

 Judith, Israel


"Malka is very professional, friendly, reassuring and truly interested in healing others and getting to know them and learn from them. Malka was quick to respond to my emails, it was easy setting up the QHHT session. She gave me all the instructions I need and pre-session exercises. The interview before the session was great, she helped me with my nervous system symptoms before the session began. We had a wonderful session that lasted about 4 hours, although it felt like 1 hour! She was very easy and gentle. We had a good chat after the ession and lots of guidance. I do recommend wholeheartedly."

Tomer, Israel


"I definitely feel a lot less pain now, my lower back improved and I had some migraines too and they have completely went away. I have been feeling more energy so I have been running a whole lot more and I noticed I eat less.

I went to dinner and ordered my usual and left most of it on my plate. So I am very hopeful in time my weight will improve!

After the session I felt a little “high” lol. And I got home and immediately fell asleep and slept for about 15 hours. In the days after, I also felt very peaceful even in situations that usually rile me up. I did not have much of dreams but at least I remember some them, I have not been remembering dreams prior to the session.

I have a feeling some things took place on a subconscious level, as there’s definitely a lot of positive change and high vibes!

Overall I would say it was a very interesting and positive experience and I definitely would want to do this again in time! Thank you so much for the facilitation!"

M.G., New York



"It was really an incredible day that I spent with you. Thank you for facilitating the session, and for taking your time with me and being so thorough. You really provided a safe and nurturing space in which to do some important work, and I a very grateful."

B.G., New York


"Malka, thanks, I will B'N do as you've suggested.  I got a lot out of the session, and have much hakaras hatov to you.  I do feel a new freedom and expansiveness.  Will fill you in when we talk."

C.A., New York



"Before meeting with Malka Ahern I was struggling with many different emotional issues. After my QHHT session I was amazed to see how fast change can take place. My closed relationship with my father opened up with a flow of warm feelings that went both ways. My son was having having some difficulty in school, after my session things started moving forward in a positive way. other areas in my life shifted as well. Malka was always available to answer my questions and guided me to aspire more."

BSW, New York



"Thank you Malka :) I am feeling good! Have listened to the recording every night and will continue to work with it. My SC is very happy and I am feeling at peace and more able to let go of limiting thoughts and feelings." 

MN, New York


"Before meeting with Malka Ahern I was struggling with many different emotional issues. After my QHHT session I was amazed to see how fast change can take place. My closed relationship with my father opened up with a flow of warm feelings that went both ways. My son was having having some difficulty in school, after my session things started moving forward in a positive way. other areas in my life shifted as well. Malka was always available to answer my questions and guided me to aspire more."

BSW, New York



"Want to let you know that I am integrating the ideas we spoke about last week, and noticing that yes, I do actually feel a nice amount of a difference inside- its taking a bit of noticing and accepting that I am/can be differently feeling inside than I have been accustomed to since always." 

C.A., New York


"Before my QHHT session with Malka Ahern, I wasn't able to sit for long without experiencing a numbness in my lower back. The following day I sat for 3 hours straight and discovered that my back pain was gone (and has been since). I was also having a very difficult relationship with my daughter. My subconscious gave me explicit directives how to deal with her which proved to be very effective. We made quite a shift for the better. Many areas in my life took a great turn. It has been a pleasure working with such a knowledgeable practitioner like Malka."

E.E., New York


"I had one very amazing thing happen after our session. The depression I've lived under for the past seven years just lifted."

L.A., New York, NY


"Things are going extremely well. My body mechanics have improved, wrists feel world's better (paraffin is helping) and my responses to alcohol have shifted dramatically. Foot pain is gone, and my shoulder is much more free. IUD is about perfectly assimilated. I feel so much lighter. I can't thank you enough for your assistance."

A.E., Staten Island, NY


"I was undergoing a treatment for Major Depression Disorder , and after a session of QhhT I felt that everything was more clear.I was able to understand where all the issues that I was dealing with came from and  I  am capable of find a solution for each of my problems. I was suppressing feelings and emotions that were very painful and thanks to this healing process I came into a dialogue with my mind in order to solve the conflict that was preventing me from move on with my life"

D.L.B., Brooklyn NY


"Malka will do everything she can to help you reach your goals and feel your best. Her method QHHT is very unique, and I believe it’s worth trying out to see if it works for you.
I met with Malka twice. The first session was six hours long! Malka was patient and focused throughout. She gave me her whole self the entire time. There was apparent change after my session. I no longer experienced tension in my ankles. I also felt less impulsive and more control in my thoughts and decision making. I exhibited more patience for myself and others and had more willpower to resist temptation.


While there was a lot of positive change right away, we felt there was more to gain, so Malka invited me back again for a second session. She also called me after each session and provided me with a recording of the session to listen to for further growth. Her dedication to her clients’ success is immeasurable. I am so grateful to have had a QHHT experience, and I wish her success spreading wisdom and healing to many more clients."

T.L., New York, NY




"Before the QHHT session I was intrigued by the method and I felt excited for the opportunity to consider the areas of of my life that I most wanted to see change. How refreshing to write down questions about my life and to ask ask my subconscious mind to solve them. In the session, I was fascinated at the places my mind did go. Memories that were long buried, surfaced and even though their significance was not at all obvious, the string of unexpected thoughts and memories that emerged were clearly coming from a state of subconscious openness.  Still, I left that afternoon unaware of the power of what had just transpired.                                                                             And then, boom! I never could have anticipated the degree of instantaneous change that I experienced from just one session. I feel like overnight I have finally become the person I always wanted to be. EFORTLESSLY! That's the beauty of it. No more self criticism, no more guilt, no more cajoling myself. The conflicts surrounding these issues have vanished. I am free to just be. I feel a level of peace that I have never known. It has been a month since the hypnosis and I am still constantly pleased and amazed at the lasting change. Malka Ahern, I am so grateful for your total and utter non-judgmental manner, your sharp insight, and your fine-tuned skill which helped me achieve this so critical and longed-for change which transforms and deepens my most personal relationships."


(Three weeks later)

"I am a DIFFERENT mother. Especially with my 25 year old daughter, but my 11 year old is also benefiting greatly. This change came just at the right time for her, because approaching teen years when children tend to pull away.  Hashem bless you with success, this method is powerful!"

S.K., Brooklyn, NY