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Have you ever noticed that health can be the most neglected part of our life which can affect our quality of life the most?  We often do not fully appreciate it untill we, or someone close to us, has lost it. And then we run around to doctors and therapists looking to them to restore it.

Did you know that health is a blessing that G-d gives us together with all of the other blessings in our lives? It is waiting there for us, to decide to uncover it. And once we do the bounty of resources that G-d has endowed in this miraculous body of ours will provide everything that we need.

This path is not an easy one. We've spent our whole lives coming to the point that we're at now. Once we understand what is needed to restore each of our issues, then the work begins. It's obvious that if we do more of the same we'll get more of the same and then some. So how much are you willing to change? What would being in good health really mean to you?

We welcome questions about all types of supposed incurables, including:

Physical: Asthma, Diabetes, Exema, Arthritis, Tumors, Cronic Fatigue, Pain, Etc.

Emotional: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, OCD, Trauma, Bi-polar, Eating Disorders, ... ... ...


The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique was developed by Dolores Cannon, a hypnotherapist, over a period of forty years. On one foot, this system provides a method of reaching the deeper levels of our subconscious. While the conscious mind forgets, the subconscious remembers everything that you have ever experienced.

Once this level of the subconscious is reached it can show us why things are currently the way they are, what you can do to improve the situation and how it can help.

This type of hypnosis is different from others in two main areas. Firstly it works with the deeper levels of the subconscious to bring about healing. Second the subconscious runs the show and my role is that of a facilitator. While the goal of other types of hypnosis is to implant ideas, here the goal is just to bring out the knowledge that is buried within.





Before the QHHT session I was intrigued by the method and I felt excited for the opportunity to consider the areas of of my life that I most wanted to see change. How refreshing to write down questions about my life and to ask ask my subconscious mind to solve them. In the session, I was fascinated at the places my mind did go. Memories that were long buried, surfaced and even though their significance was not at all obvious, the string of unexpected thoughts and memories that emerged were clearly coming from a state of subconscious openness.  Still, I left that afternoon unaware of the power of what had just transpired.                                                                             And then, boom! I never could have anticipated the degree of instantaneous change that I experienced from just one session. I feel like overnight I have finally become the person I always wanted to be. EFORTLESSLY! That's the beauty of it. No more self criticism, no more guilt, no more cajoling myself. The conflicts surrounding these issues have vanished. I am free to just be. I feel a level of peace that I have never known. It has been a month since the hypnosis and I am still constantly pleased and amazed at the lasting change. Malka Ahern, I am so grateful for your total and utter non-judgmental manner, your sharp insight, and your fine-tuned skill which helped me achieve this so critical and longed-for change which transforms and deepens my most personal relationships. 


(Three weeks later)

I am a DIFFERENT mother. Especially with my 25 year old daughter, but my 11 year old is also benefiting greatly. This change came just at the right time for her, because approaching teen years when children tend to pull away.  Hashem bless you with success, this method is powerful!

S.K., Brooklyn, NY

Growing up in a nonreligious household but always feeling a strong connection with my Jewish roots I decided to attend a school in Israel and became religious in my early twenties. Having a serving heart I worked in and managed a number of nonprofits over the years, but when health issues came up which standard medicine could not resolve, I turned to alternative medicine.  This set the stage for my later becoming a Strategic Intervention Coach and my current Level 2 certification in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

What I like best about QHHT is that I am just a facilitator, allowing your subconscious to express what you need. Also that QHHT is done in just one session and you receive a recording so that your growth can continue long after the session has ended.
Malka Ahern

I would love to speak with you about QHHT and how it can assist in your journey of reclaiming your health.

Malka Ahern

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During my trip to Israel, beginning July 22, it may take up to  72 hours for me to reply.

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